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25 @ Midnight March 6, 2018 @ Bournemouth Beach Park
Oh Canada Sent From Heaven Friday April 6, 2018 @ Kingston, Jamaica
Wifey In Red, Side Chick in Black & Single In White February 3, 2018 @ Catus Lawn Settlement
Fish Fry Friday March 2, 2018 @ Vineyard Town 3 Robert Cresent
Life Of A Queen January 20, 2018 @ Dale Lawn Phase 2 At The Round About Seaview Gardens
Pre-Valentine Soul 2 Soul February 12, 2018 @ Kavalli's Jerk Pit Ent. Center 77 Mountain View Ave, Kingston
Unfinished Business The Struggles January 15, 2018 @ Bournemouth Beach Park
Own Yuh Hustle January 11, 2018 @ Skateland 121 Windward Rd
Savage Life January 11, 2018 @ 1 Montague Street Rollington Town
Cake Sale With A Dash Of Pudding February 16, 2018 @ GP Sports Club, Tower Street Southside
British Saturdays January 13, 2018 @ 52 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10 Next To Stone Love HQ
Yea Yea Wednesdayz January 10, 2018 @ Big Yard (59 Mannings Hill Road) 8PM - 12AM Sharp!
Blessings Affi Flow When Di Prayer Gone Up! January 8, 2018 @17 Studio One Blvd
Bring It To The Owner February 7, 2018 @ 14B South Camp Road
Jah Ova Evil Memorial Concert February 7, 2018 @ Wicky Wacky
WallStreet Juggist Cookout Sunday January 7, 2018 @ 2 Chelsea Avenue
Devon 40th Birthday Celebration Sunday 14th January 2018 @ Frenz For Real HQ, Williams Crescent, Tower Hill
House Party Fish Fry January 6, 2018 @ Station Road, PH 2 Seaview Gardens, KGN 11
Feminine Energy Saturday January 13, 2018 @ Jamnesia
Too Sweet To Beat February 1, 2018 @ White Castle Bar & Lounge 20 Slipe Road Cross Road
Right Now Me Want A Mill Fe Share With Me & Me Friend Dem January 13, 2018 @ Ambrook Lane SQ Off Hagley Park Rd
Life Of A Capricorn January 6, 2018 @ Compound 15 McDonald Place
British Saturdays Each And Every Saturday @ 75 Waltham Park Road Kingston 11
Celebrity Spin Off Clash This And Every Month-End Thursday @ Sugar Plum Lounge The Domes 85 Hagley Park Road
Think A Chattings January 22, 2018 @ Payless Monday Shooters Hill Bull Bay
Sweet Treats Cake Sale Birthday Party January 5, 2018 @ Sexy Suggie Bar 15 Campbells Blvd. Off Waltham Park Road
Money In A Pocket January 9, 2018 @ Little Copa Club 8 Miles Bull Bay
L.O.B. Pitch White Edition January 9, 2018 @ Bournemouth Park 2ND Stoplight On The Way From Ray Town
Yea Yea Wednesdayz December 27, 2017 @ Big Yard (59 Mannings Hill Road)
Breast V.S. Tongue Ring March 25, 2018 @ 60 Henderson Ave Kgn Off Waltham Park Rd
I Don't Catch Feelings I Catch Flights January 5, 2018 @ Khalil's HQ 91 1/2 Molynes Road
Quart Fi Quart Every Month End Saturday @ 2C Sefton Road Off Collins Green Avenue Cross Road
Black Friday Cook Out Friday 12th January 2018 @The Domes 85 Hagley Park Road
Me Nuh Have Nuh Nuh Worries God A Deal Wild Every Thing Friday 26th January 2018 @Kings Sport Bar 20C Waltham Park Road
Boss vs Rock January 16, 2018 @ Twin Gates Lounge
Image Definition # ID January 26, 2018@ 3 Deanery Road Vineyard Town Kgn 3
45th Anniversary An Elegant Affair Wednesday 22nd November 2017 @Club Vault 2801 Greene St. Hollywood, FL 33020
Team Flex Mondays Launch Party Monday 27th November 2017 @Kavalli's Jerk Pit 77 Mountain View Av
3RD Annual Cook Out Saturday 6th January 2018 @The Plantation Inn Pools 375 SR 7 Plantation, FL 33317
A Day And Night Event Called Nuh Behaviour Sunday 19th November 2017 @121 Windward Road Skateland Kingston
Kama Sutra Double Six Saturday 23th December 2017 @Manchester Club Mandeville
Bare As You Dare Volume 7 Friday 8th December 2017 @Ace A Spade Lawn
Jamaica London Germany Saturday 9th December 2017 @Wonder Lawn Rio Nuevo St. Mary
Stone Love Weddy Weddy Wednesdays @Stone Love HQ 41 Burlington Avenue, KGN 10
Quart V7 Flass Premium Event Saturday 9th December 2017 @Party Cup HQ 23 Myrtle Way Passagefort Portmore St. Catherine
Pool Party House Party New Year's Eve All White With Red Cup Sunday 31st December 2017 @Brusubi Phase 1
Ina Di Video Light Part 8 @South London
Dancehall Episode Bonfire Weekend Saturday 4th November 2017 @Club 701 516 Oldkent Road, London SE1 5BA (Next door to McDonald's)
Magnum Friday's Meets Rum Friday's Friday 17th November 2017 @Southbank Club 57 Camberwell Road SE5 OEZ
Batty Rider & Belly Skin Edition Part 2 Wednesday 27th December 2017 @11 Margaret Villa Road Off Haley Park In Front Of Rubis Gas Station
Cookies Birthnite The Biggest Christmas Round Robin Giveaways Party Friday 22nd December 2017 @Cookie Roof Porthenderson- Back Road
Mystic Monday's Every Monday. Monday 13th November 2017 @D'Amor Hot Spot 80 Constant Spring Road, KGN 10
Fancy Dress Bus Party @Asda Clapham Junction
Royalties On Earth Loyal Edition Part 2 Friday 15th December 2017 @KGN 10 Sports Bar & Grill 1A Hillview Avenue Off Eastwood Park road
East Link Ladies Night Out Little Black Dress Edition Tuesday 21st November 2017 @Bournemouth Beach 2nd Stoplight on the way from Ray Town
Ice Bucket Saturday 4th November 2017 @3 Deanery Road Beside Clan Clarty Primary
Formula Friday 17th November 2017 @Happy Wednesday HQ
Fantasies A Night Where All Your Dreams Come True Saturday 16th December 2017 @Club Ramping Shop 2A North Avenue KGN 4
Scary Charley Charley Graveyard Settingz Part 3 Tuesday 31st October 2017 @White Castle Lounge 20 Slipe Road
Photogenic Alex Krushh Earth Strong Party Tuesday 31st October 2017 @Royal Bliss Lounge 44 Half Way Tree Road
Masked Mania The Halloween Dream Tuesday 31st October 2017 @Little Copa Club, Bull Bay
Risky Business The Magic City Saturday 28th October @Junction Building Depot Junction, St. Elizabeth
Tables Saturday 28th October 2017 @Little Copa 8 Miles, Bullbay
Jungle Fever Lion VS Lioness Saturday 28th October 2017 @Royal Bliss Lounge 44 Half Way Tree Road
Bottles & Bottles Food and Fun Part 2 Tuesday 31st October 2017 @13 Omara Road KGN 10
Wild Thoughts Thursday 2nd November 2017 @22 Elspeth Avenue Off Haley Park Road
Strongest Soldier Saturday 28th October 2017 @35 Leaneral Street Off Langstan Road
Tribute To The Legendary Tiger Saturday 4th November 2017 @Crown Hotel AKA Hotel Celeb
Bottles & Models Saturday 6th January 2018 @New Bounce HQ 25 Delamere Avenue (Off Waltham Park Road)
Fabulous All Black Affair Saturday 4th November 2017 @MCMaster Roof Beside Portmore Mall
Ants Inna Mi Milk Part 2 Wednesday 13th December 2017 @White Castle Bar & Lounge 20 Slipe Road Cross Road
Active Friday's ...Meets Magnum Friday's Friday 27th October 2017 @39 Gleneldon Mews SW16 2AZ
Blazer... Anything Saturday 2nd December 2017
Ina Video Light Part 8 Friday 24th November 2017 @South London
Dancehall Special UK Sunday 10th December 2017 @O2 Forum Kentish Town