1 Month Product Promotion


We will promote your product, music, video etc. for one month across all our network.

Money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with our services.



We will promote your product, music, video etc. for one month across all our network.

Money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with our services.

  • Street Run
  • Video / Youtube promotion
  • Website Campaign
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
  • Event promotion (All  booked events)
  • Network promotion
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25 @ Midnight March 6, 2018 @ Bournemouth Beach Park
Oh Canada Sent From Heaven Friday April 6, 2018 @ Kingston, Jamaica
Wifey In Red, Side Chick in Black & Single In White February 3, 2018 @ Catus Lawn Settlement
Fish Fry Friday March 2, 2018 @ Vineyard Town 3 Robert Cresent
Life Of A Queen January 20, 2018 @ Dale Lawn Phase 2 At The Round About Seaview Gardens
Pre-Valentine Soul 2 Soul February 12, 2018 @ Kavalli's Jerk Pit Ent. Center 77 Mountain View Ave, Kingston
Unfinished Business The Struggles January 15, 2018 @ Bournemouth Beach Park
Own Yuh Hustle January 11, 2018 @ Skateland 121 Windward Rd
Savage Life January 11, 2018 @ 1 Montague Street Rollington Town
Cake Sale With A Dash Of Pudding February 16, 2018 @ GP Sports Club, Tower Street Southside
British Saturdays January 13, 2018 @ 52 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10 Next To Stone Love HQ
Yea Yea Wednesdayz January 10, 2018 @ Big Yard (59 Mannings Hill Road) 8PM - 12AM Sharp!
Blessings Affi Flow When Di Prayer Gone Up! January 8, 2018 @17 Studio One Blvd
Bring It To The Owner February 7, 2018 @ 14B South Camp Road
Jah Ova Evil Memorial Concert February 7, 2018 @ Wicky Wacky
WallStreet Juggist Cookout Sunday January 7, 2018 @ 2 Chelsea Avenue
Devon 40th Birthday Celebration Sunday 14th January 2018 @ Frenz For Real HQ, Williams Crescent, Tower Hill
House Party Fish Fry January 6, 2018 @ Station Road, PH 2 Seaview Gardens, KGN 11
Feminine Energy Saturday January 13, 2018 @ Jamnesia
Too Sweet To Beat February 1, 2018 @ White Castle Bar & Lounge 20 Slipe Road Cross Road
Right Now Me Want A Mill Fe Share With Me & Me Friend Dem January 13, 2018 @ Ambrook Lane SQ Off Hagley Park Rd
Life Of A Capricorn January 6, 2018 @ Compound 15 McDonald Place
British Saturdays Each And Every Saturday @ 75 Waltham Park Road Kingston 11
Celebrity Spin Off Clash This And Every Month-End Thursday @ Sugar Plum Lounge The Domes 85 Hagley Park Road
Think A Chattings January 22, 2018 @ Payless Monday Shooters Hill Bull Bay
Sweet Treats Cake Sale Birthday Party January 5, 2018 @ Sexy Suggie Bar 15 Campbells Blvd. Off Waltham Park Road
Money In A Pocket January 9, 2018 @ Little Copa Club 8 Miles Bull Bay
L.O.B. Pitch White Edition January 9, 2018 @ Bournemouth Park 2ND Stoplight On The Way From Ray Town
Yea Yea Wednesdayz December 27, 2017 @ Big Yard (59 Mannings Hill Road)
Breast V.S. Tongue Ring March 25, 2018 @ 60 Henderson Ave Kgn Off Waltham Park Rd
I Don't Catch Feelings I Catch Flights January 5, 2018 @ Khalil's HQ 91 1/2 Molynes Road
Quart Fi Quart Every Month End Saturday @ 2C Sefton Road Off Collins Green Avenue Cross Road
Black Friday Cook Out Friday 12th January 2018 @The Domes 85 Hagley Park Road
Me Nuh Have Nuh Nuh Worries God A Deal Wild Every Thing Friday 26th January 2018 @Kings Sport Bar 20C Waltham Park Road
Boss vs Rock January 16, 2018 @ Twin Gates Lounge
Image Definition # ID January 26, 2018@ 3 Deanery Road Vineyard Town Kgn 3
45th Anniversary An Elegant Affair Wednesday 22nd November 2017 @Club Vault 2801 Greene St. Hollywood, FL 33020
Team Flex Mondays Launch Party Monday 27th November 2017 @Kavalli's Jerk Pit 77 Mountain View Av
3RD Annual Cook Out Saturday 6th January 2018 @The Plantation Inn Pools 375 SR 7 Plantation, FL 33317
A Day And Night Event Called Nuh Behaviour Sunday 19th November 2017 @121 Windward Road Skateland Kingston
Kama Sutra Double Six Saturday 23th December 2017 @Manchester Club Mandeville
Bare As You Dare Volume 7 Friday 8th December 2017 @Ace A Spade Lawn
Jamaica London Germany Saturday 9th December 2017 @Wonder Lawn Rio Nuevo St. Mary
Stone Love Weddy Weddy Wednesdays @Stone Love HQ 41 Burlington Avenue, KGN 10
Quart V7 Flass Premium Event Saturday 9th December 2017 @Party Cup HQ 23 Myrtle Way Passagefort Portmore St. Catherine
Pool Party House Party New Year's Eve All White With Red Cup Sunday 31st December 2017 @Brusubi Phase 1
Ina Di Video Light Part 8 @South London
Dancehall Episode Bonfire Weekend Saturday 4th November 2017 @Club 701 516 Oldkent Road, London SE1 5BA (Next door to McDonald's)
Magnum Friday's Meets Rum Friday's Friday 17th November 2017 @Southbank Club 57 Camberwell Road SE5 OEZ
Batty Rider & Belly Skin Edition Part 2 Wednesday 27th December 2017 @11 Margaret Villa Road Off Haley Park In Front Of Rubis Gas Station
Cookies Birthnite The Biggest Christmas Round Robin Giveaways Party Friday 22nd December 2017 @Cookie Roof Porthenderson- Back Road
Mystic Monday's Every Monday. Monday 13th November 2017 @D'Amor Hot Spot 80 Constant Spring Road, KGN 10
Fancy Dress Bus Party @Asda Clapham Junction
Royalties On Earth Loyal Edition Part 2 Friday 15th December 2017 @KGN 10 Sports Bar & Grill 1A Hillview Avenue Off Eastwood Park road
East Link Ladies Night Out Little Black Dress Edition Tuesday 21st November 2017 @Bournemouth Beach 2nd Stoplight on the way from Ray Town
Ice Bucket Saturday 4th November 2017 @3 Deanery Road Beside Clan Clarty Primary
Formula Friday 17th November 2017 @Happy Wednesday HQ
Fantasies A Night Where All Your Dreams Come True Saturday 16th December 2017 @Club Ramping Shop 2A North Avenue KGN 4
Scary Charley Charley Graveyard Settingz Part 3 Tuesday 31st October 2017 @White Castle Lounge 20 Slipe Road
Photogenic Alex Krushh Earth Strong Party Tuesday 31st October 2017 @Royal Bliss Lounge 44 Half Way Tree Road
Masked Mania The Halloween Dream Tuesday 31st October 2017 @Little Copa Club, Bull Bay
Risky Business The Magic City Saturday 28th October @Junction Building Depot Junction, St. Elizabeth
Tables Saturday 28th October 2017 @Little Copa 8 Miles, Bullbay
Jungle Fever Lion VS Lioness Saturday 28th October 2017 @Royal Bliss Lounge 44 Half Way Tree Road
Bottles & Bottles Food and Fun Part 2 Tuesday 31st October 2017 @13 Omara Road KGN 10
Wild Thoughts Thursday 2nd November 2017 @22 Elspeth Avenue Off Haley Park Road
Strongest Soldier Saturday 28th October 2017 @35 Leaneral Street Off Langstan Road
Tribute To The Legendary Tiger Saturday 4th November 2017 @Crown Hotel AKA Hotel Celeb
Bottles & Models Saturday 6th January 2018 @New Bounce HQ 25 Delamere Avenue (Off Waltham Park Road)
Fabulous All Black Affair Saturday 4th November 2017 @MCMaster Roof Beside Portmore Mall
Ants Inna Mi Milk Part 2 Wednesday 13th December 2017 @White Castle Bar & Lounge 20 Slipe Road Cross Road
Active Friday's ...Meets Magnum Friday's Friday 27th October 2017 @39 Gleneldon Mews SW16 2AZ
Blazer... Anything Saturday 2nd December 2017
Ina Video Light Part 8 Friday 24th November 2017 @South London
Dancehall Special UK Sunday 10th December 2017 @O2 Forum Kentish Town