Arlinda “Arlene Flava” Alexander

Jamaican born and raised Arlinda “Arlene Flava” Alexander always have an innate love for music. Her passion first started when she went to her country in Clarendon and was introduced to the popular music software Virtual Dj, it was evident that she had a deep fascination with the way she played music, and it was like she was expressing herself through the music.

In the latter part of 2001 she just played music as a hobby. As time progressed she started venturing out and learning the different genres of music until she decided to take it up for a career to get her name out there. She did a lot of freelance work to gain experience and over the year of 2014 she got a job at a club Sparkles Bar and Lounge where she was the club’s resident DJ. The party patrons began to acknowledge her work and her charismatic personality as a female DJ. Present moment she recently been sign to H.I.U.M Records (Hot It Up Movement) where she continues to impress the crowd and her fellow peers that she was born for this and a party is not a party unless Arlene Flava is involved in it, she currently reside at her home town 7 Miles Bull Bay St. Andrew where she continues her work in becoming the most recognized female DJ out there.

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